Commercial operations

At Blue Ocean we have performed hundreds of jobs for companies of all types, designing customized, reliable and high quality financial processes.

Each company is different and it is required that the financial processes are adjusted to their demands, this leads to a saving or increase in the price and in Blue Ocean we have the trained personnel to provide the necessary support in the financial operations of your business.

Human Resources

Business insurance serves company executives who are responsible for purchasing and administration.

Our services in human resources collaborate in the productive sector optimizing the order in the hiring and management of human talent.

All companies need to hire, fire, promote or terminate contracts of their personnel and this activity is highly stressful and operational, so if you do it yourself you can leave details unresolved that can later have a very high price in legal issues.

Blue Ocean can advise you and provide a service tailored to your list of needs, you can contact a consultant, and soon we will have a solution to everything related to human resources.


At Blue Ocean we form collaborative environments with the marketing departments, obtaining all the data and information of the business:

  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Customer segment
  • Loyalties
  • Withholdings
  • Promotions
  • Strategy

This data provides us with all the information necessary for our experts to carry out a professional analysis and reporting work, with which you can make decisions and course of the company in an assertive manner.

Our services in the areas of marketing have come to oxygenate companies with comprehensive solutions for success, providing efficient processes and sensitive reports for decision making.


For Blue Ocean, one of the most sensitive areas of the companies are the sales areas, these areas are the most important revenue muscle, without sales, companies go bankrupt.

It is important that these departments have their sales processes and management well established and at Blue Ocean we have worked hard to provide our clients with the best sales advice, achieving today an average recovery of 26% in their clients and 12% in their sales.

Nowadays there are many programs such as CRM that provide all the necessary indicators and with our advice, your business will have timely information from your sales departments or your salespeople.

We have reinvented ourselves, creating teams that are trained and certified in the financial fields.