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Blue Ocean has worked in various fields of the industry, creating great flexibility and integrations of great business value.

Commercial operations

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Why does the industry prefer Blue Ocean's services?

Our trained staff allows us to provide high demand services in:

  • Manufacturing

  • Natural resources

  • Tourism

  • Technology


At Blue Ocean we have the qualified professionals to set up a quality meeting.


At Blue Ocean we carry out projects for various industries, in addition to hundreds of consulting and services in business management, finance and taxation.

Manufacturing is a multi-faceted industry and we have focused our market on marketing, manufacturing and supply chain customers.

Natural resources are in danger of depletion, in Blue Ocean we know the great importance of this sector, serving customers in :

  • Geothermal energy
  • Solar energy
  • Hybrid sources

The tourism industry has been evolving with new trends in customer experience as well as in legislation and business management. Blue Ocean has offered value-added solutions to clients and companies, improving their operational and administrative processes.

For Blue Ocean the technology sector is one of the most important, as it requires to be reviewing the legislation every day, standards, procedures, certifications and many more, these are some of the issues that we see in our consulting.

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